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I get it. It is definitely very difficult to decide your profession. We are talking about paying bills/survival, becoming wealthy, or trying to impress that girl or guy you want.

START HERE: Pick 3 things you love and just f*cking try it. When you realize you’re much better at one of them just focus on that for a while and see where it goes. No, but seriously it’s that simple.

Trust me. I’m one of the biggest hypocrites and procrastinators in the world. I spent pretty much most of my life in my head wishing and making excuses. It took me 31 years to realize this. I’m actually just trying to save you some time here.

Here are a few key points to understand:

  1. Like seriously, it may sound cliche but other people’s opinions REALLY DO NOT MATTER.
  2. You will not get anywhere in life unless you get good at something. ANYTHING.
  3. Nothing is more gratifying than completing something you enjoyed WORKING YOUR ASS off on.
  4. Successful people in your niche spent years figuring out what not to do. Pay attention to that but outside of that, THERE ARE NO RULES.
  5. Everything you can tangibly see started out first as a thought or dream. Including this electronic device, you’re reading this on. YOU CAN CREATE ANYTHING. (Although I’m a little skeptical about time travel they’ll figure that out at some point.)

This website, even this article is coming from a place of regret but also from a place of understanding and confidence. Listen to both your conscious and subconscious. They are the only two best friends that have been listening to you the entire time and truly have your best interest in mind.

Listen to them, just try it.

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